Since the formation of TR Elektronik in 2002, we have been able to vastly expand our business operations much to the delight of our costumers and to our selves. In this fairly short time frame we have managed to become experts in the subject of electrical engineering, specialising in LED illumination, SMD placement automation and proving custom made components to our clients. As these fields lie at the centre of our expertise, we consider these services as our core competence, setting us apart form our competition.


Whilst placement of LEDs was done manually during the nineties, a fully automated SMD placement machine, capable of the latest state of the art technology, now takes over as the centrepiece of our operations, embedded in our SMT-Line. As we are able to produce and develop in-house, smaller projects can be carried out fast and efficiently without difficulty. Quickly providing prototypes with high precision also helps our costumers to find a suitable decision, creating an immense benefit, especially when time, is as always a crucial issue.


LED illumination as a discipline of electrical engineering has been one of the most innovative and fastest growing markets in the past decade giving us, TR Elektronik enough reason to become the leading experts in all things regarding LED illumination. We design and produce customs solutions for the illumination of larger buildings or even specific objects making every project we complete unique as it is designed in accordance to the costumers needs. Especially the illumination of objects inside as well as outside belongs to our core strengths.

Each customer is offered a comprehensive and detailed concept regarding the optimal solution we consider for achieving a balanced illumination with respect to the individual project. Alternatively we will provide an optimal execution of already existing architectural plans, always ensuring maximum satisfaction.


In the past quarter century we have managed to accumulate our expertise in the fields of electrical engineering. To ensure high customer satisfaction we always strive towards highly efficient solutions for each individual project. Constant personal communication between the costumer and ourselves enables us to adapt quickly to each costumers specific needs.

In addition to these services, we offer the entire procurement of materials, enabling us to offer high quality products for a reasonable price, due to our large network of partners in the industry. Even smaller projects will always be adequately priced, keeping the same quality in terms of materials used making us exclusive and always reliable.



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